What’s your Story?

Tell us about your experience with the Wyoming Conservation Corps.

  • What was your favorite hitch?

  • What was your least favorite hitch?

  • What did you learn?

  • Do you stay in touch with any of your team members?

With ever entry, please provide a small 3 or 4 sentence biography of yourself + a current picture (ideally of you at your new or recent career) For example:

[portrait picture]

My name is ________, I worked in 2013 as a crew member. Growing up in Ozarks Mountains of Arkansas, I learned to love our natural wonders while seeing the need to conserve public landscapes for future generations. I took this love of nature to the University of Wyoming, where I double majored in Geography and the Environment and Natural Resources. It was during school that I found the Wyoming Conservation Corps. 

My favorite hitch was in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area where we worked on fencing, fuels reduction, and wildlife surveys. We learned about the canyon’s people and geographic history as well as the future for the dams and reservoir  around the Bighorn basin. I also learned I will always use sunscreen – I looked like a lobster out of water. I have kept in touch with my fellow crew members over the years, and we still try to do awesome outdoor activities together in an attempt to recreate that summer!

I am currently the Park Manager for Wyoming State Parks and I strongly believe my experience with the WCC helped prepare me for the next step.

Please send entries to wcc@uwyo.edu with the understanding that these entries could be used for the Wyoming Conservation Corps publicly. Thank you!