“The WCC taught me how to do a job fully and properly” -Alyssa Russell, crew member 2016

The Wyoming Conservation Corps’s mission is to promote individual development, stewardship, and education through localized national service.

Founded in 2006, the Wyoming Conservation Corps (WCC) builds on the long legacy created by the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s and the Youth Corps of the 1970s. The WCC continues this legacy by carrying out the highest caliber of service for Wyoming’s public lands. Participation in the WCC program provides members with an opportunity to learn firsthand the complexity involved with current natural resource management decisions in Wyoming.

How We Work

WCC functions through partnerships with several entities in Wyoming. The program is housed within the University of Wyoming. This means WCC can offer academic credit to crew leaders and members during their training. Furthermore, WCC also provides financial support for higher education at Wyoming’s community colleges and UW.

In addition, WCC collaborates with agencies and industry companies working on public lands in Wyoming. Through this partnership, WCC provides low-cost conservation crews who accomplish tens of thousands of hours of labor each summer. In return, WCC participants get one-on-one interactions with environmental and natural resources professionals working on the ground.

These partnerships support WCC in its efforts to advance understanding of complex environmental challenges, inspire young adults to become stewards of our natural resources, benefit Wyoming public lands and provide collaborative service learning opportunities.

Where We Work

Nearly 50% of Wyoming is public land. From the high desert, to the prairie grasslands, to the mountain alpine, to the temperate forests; the Wyoming Conservation Corps works on projects ranging from habitat restoration and biological surveys to trail construction and fencing of all kinds.

For more information on the Wyoming Conservation Corps, you can visit our University of Wyoming  website or email wcc@uwyo.edu

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