What is expected of me as a WCC Project Partner?

As a Project Partner, you and your technical advisors are directly involved with our crews. A Crew’s performance hinges on your direction and involvement. When members of a crew get recognized for their efforts, it can make the difference between just getting the job done and realizing that they are part of a valuable service to your agency/organization. Recognition and education will bring out the best in our crews.

Who is a typical member?

We don’t have a typical member. AmeriCorps members join WCC from across the nation, from a wide age range and with diverse backgrounds. If anything, diversity is what you will see amongst the crew. Half are between 20 and 24 with ages ranging from 17 to 30.

What are the qualifications of the Crew Leaders?

The 3-month Leadership Class at the University of Wyoming involves intensive technical skills training including: S-212 chainsaw recommendations, trails, backcountry skills, leave no trace, and a Wilderness First Responder certification. In addition we include leadership and supervision training to practice the interpersonal skills needed to support a well-functioning crew.

What skills do the Crew members have?

Crewmembers receive technical skills training including: trails, backcountry skills, leave no trace principles, and wilderness first aid/CPR. The most important quality is enthusiasm and ability to perform in challenging situations. You’ll be impressed by what the crew can get done. But our sponsors say it best, for instance: “Your team set the best example of ‘teamwork’ that we have ever encountered. They worked tirelessly on all the projects that they were asked to undertake. Not only are they tremendous ambassadors for the WCC and University of Wyoming, but they are an inspiration to all of us that had the pleasure to get to know them.” John Zeiger, Mayor of Saratoga

What is the size of a typical crew?

Our standard summer crew consists of two leaders and six crew members. Depending on interest from our partners, we might have smaller 4-person crews working in September and October.

Can a WCC crew be in the backcountry?

Yep, each year we have been involved with projects that include extensive long stays in the backcountry. We will work with you to pack our crews in for the 10 days and provide all the backcountry gear necessary for the project. Crews stay at camp and recreate instead of needing to be transported back to the trailhead for a shower.

What is the WCC work schedule?

We work on a 10-day on, 4-day off schedule. We are fairly flexible with how our crews are working during that time. For instance we can split projects and have 4 people on one site and 4 on another as long as they can have the same home base for crew chores, dinner, etc. Basically we can work with the crews to meet your needs.

What gear does WCC provide?

Our crews come fully prepared to get the job done. We provide basic hand tools, safety equipment, camping gear, food, and vehicles. If needed, we may ask that you as the Sponsor provide any specialized tools needed for the project.

What kind of work do the crews perform?

You name it and our crews have done it— from stacking and removing sandbags during a flood season, to building wildlife ramps in water tanks. But more typical projects include backcountry and urban trail construction and maintenance, bark beetle mitigation, fencing, tree planting, stabilizing stream banks, biological surveys, and building community garden beds.

Are crew members covered by insurance?

WCC is part of the University of Wyoming and therefore is covered by the University’s general liability insurance policy and covered by UW’s worker’s compensation insurance.

Is WCC a state agency?

Yes, we are part of the University of Wyoming.

Email us at jfried@uwyo.edu to request a Partner Packet

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