Thank You for Your Service

Now, let’s stay in touch. What career are you working on now? Have you gotten married? Any children? Let us know your milestones.

Alumni Stories

If you are interested in what other WCCers have done after their service or maybe you are thinking about joining the WCC and want to know what others have done after their term of service… Click here to learn more about Alumni Stories.

Keep the Community

Staying connected to your conservation corps family can be difficult as people’s career paths are often ignited by the corps to either stay in Wyoming or move elsewhere in the world whether it be natural resources, engineering, poetry, teaching…really any career is possible. We encourage all of your to keep in touch with and without the help of the Wyoming Conservation Corps (WCC). Are you interested in knowing what the crews are doing now? Are you curious how what some of your co-workers have gone on to accomplish? Click here to learn more about how to stay connected with the WCC.

Tell us about Your Story

As we move forward with our careers and lives, neither are mutual exclusive, we might miss the simple joys that we once had in the conservation corps life. Tell us where you have gone since your time with us by submitting a a short blurb about you, your time with the corps, and where you now. Click here to learn more about how to submit your story. We would love to hear from you as would potential members applying to the program.

Alumni Employment Opportunities