Wyoming Veterans Trail Crew

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Military Veterans Only

Eight crew members begin their time with the Wyoming Veterans Trail Crew (WyVTC) by attending an all paid for US Forest Service certification for their S-212 chainsaw training. Starting in mid-May, these eight veterans begin their orientation to the WyVTC program and the WCC at large with 10 days of technical training in the field. Leaders will be selected based upon interviews and credentials.

The summer will be filled with trail project after trail project traveling and working on the impressive 10,472 miles of recreational trails in Wyoming. The schedule of time out in the field will vary with the projects timelines.

Crew Member/Leader: 900 hours Commitment

  • Spend your summer and fall traveling Wyoming designing, building, and maintaining recreation trails with 7 other military veterans.
  • Earn an AmeriCorps Education Award of $2,907.50
  • Living stipend (see below)
  • Earn your Wilderness First Aid Certification and one upper-division credit from the Environment and Natural Resources college of the University of Wyoming at no cost to you
  • Earn your U.S. Forest Service S-212 chainsaw certification
  • Be in a team environment again
  • Learn technical skills about trail work and building with stone and wood

Application Requirements

  • Employment:
    • All: 5 days of S-212 training April 26-30, 2017 at Colorado Fire Camp
    • Leaders: May 1 – 12
    • All: May 18 – August 29
  • Must have served or serving in US Armed Forces
  • Age 18-35
  • Able to lift 50 lbs repeatedly
  • High School diploma or GED
  • Familiar with hand tools
  • Ability to hike in rugged terrain carrying heavy packs and tools



An AmeriCorps position with Wyoming Conservation Corps is a volunteer position; an opportunity for participants to receive training, learn from their peers, and serve their community by restoring habitat and improving accessibility to natural areas. Monthly living stipends are intended to cover basic living costs (rent, utilities, food) while participating in the program.