What sets the Wyoming Conservation Corps apart from nearly all the other conservation corps is that we demand formal University of Wyoming courses as part of the crew leader’s and crew member’s training.

ENR – 4950- Leadership in Natural Resource Management

In the spring, crew leaders participate in the accredited University of Wyoming class “ENR 4950 – Leadership in Natural Resource Management” providing them with a background in environmental conservation history, current issues, civic engagement, leadership training, and risk management to name a few. It is this class, that our leaders build a deeper understanding of natural resource management and the political/social climate of Wyoming and the United States of America. University of Wyoming (UW) students and non-students’ fees are absorbed in the WCC’s budget allowing the class to be free for members. Typically, this class meets once a week and works with schedules for both current UW students and non-students.

ENR – 3700 – Wyoming Conservation Corps Practicum

In the summer, our crew leaders and members participate in a hands-on practicum class.

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