The WCC is pleased to announce the crew leaders for the 2018 season! The leaders started in late January and are participating in our Leadership of Natural Resource Management class this Spring. Alongside the course the leaders will prepare for the summer work season by working to get their Wilderness First Responder, S212 Chainsaw Training, and by participating in various field training opportunities. Stay posted to see what the leaders are up to this Spring with their various volunteer opportunities in the Laramie community!

2018 Crew Leaders


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Will Dutcher was born in Laramie and shortly after moved to Colorado where he grew up. He is a senior pursuing a degree in Agricultural Business. Will enjoys all aspects of being outdoors, but his favorite things to do are hunt and fish, climb, and snowboard. He also enjoys going on pack trips on foot or horseback. Will is super excited to spend another season with the WCC, this time as a crew leader!


Kate Gamble is a Wyoming native from Riverton who spends most of her time exploring the outdoors. Her passions are mountain climbing, kayaking, and back country skiing in the Absaroka mountains. She is currently pursuing a degree in physiology and kinesiology, with hopes of attending medical school following graduation from the University of Wyoming. Kate’s passion for the outdoors led her to join the WCC last year as a crew member and is very excited to be a part of the program for a second year, this time as a crew leader.

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Savannah Hook is a third-year student at the University of Wyoming studying English and Environmental and Natural Resources. She plans to pursue a degree in Environmental Law after receiving her bachelor’s degree at UW. After growing up in Wyoming, she found a love for the outdoors and exploring public lands. Savannah has experienced many hands on educational opportunities in outdoor programs and outdoor based work. Because of those past experiences Savannah is excited to have the opportunity to pair her love of the outdoors with her passion for learning, with all the work the WCC does.


Ryan Jackson is a first-year graduate student studying geography at the University of Wyoming. She was born and raised in Freehold, New Jersey. Ryan, received her undergraduate degree from Drew University, in Madison, New Jersey, where she majored in Anthropology and minored in Environmental Science and Studio Art. She was a two-sport collegiate athlete playing both soccer and basketball. This past summer Ryan served as a crew member for the NY-NJ Trail Conference, where she helped build a rock staircase trail to a waterfall which previously was inaccessible. Her hobbies consist of hiking, playing sports, and drawing. Ryan’s goal is to one day work for the National Park Service or State Parks, where she may help build more sustainable trails and help create more sustainable practices in the parks in general.


Kevin Jacobs is a Wyoming native, born and raised in Casper. At Casper College Kevin received an associates in biology. Now at the University of Wyoming he is pursuing a double majoring in rangeland ecology and a watershed management, and environmental system sciences with a minor in reclamation and restoration. Kevin competed in Nordic skiing through junior high and high school. Besides skiing, he enjoys camping, rock climbing, fishing, hiking, and hot springs. When he’s not outside he likes to draw, build (woodworking and construction),design, and escape into books or video games.  Things that interest him, and that he enjoys studying are sustainability, mythology, behaviors, and certain technologies. After graduating, Kevin plans to build a camper on the back of his truck and disappear, exploring the country before getting a reclamation or land management position.


Kayla Matlock is from Torrington, Wyoming. She’s an alumni of the University of Wyoming with a degree in Environment and Natural Resources. Her interest for conservation grew for many reasons, the most important one is that she wants to keep our sacred places protected and clean for people to enjoy for generations to come. Kayla is an avid outdoors-woman and try’s to be outside as much as possible, and after all some of her favorite places to recreate are across our wonderful state of Wyoming.



Bryan McInerney has lived in Wyoming his whole life and enjoys the state by exploring new places with his friends. He is currently pursuing an English degree at the University of Wyoming while mountain biking, trail running, and rock climbing. Bryan’s 2017 summer term as a WCC crew member stimulated his passion for helping the environment. When he is not exercising or studying, his favorite thing to do is play in chess tournaments throughout Wyoming and Colorado. Grateful for every opportunity to swing a pick-mattock, Bryan loves serving Wyoming’s public lands with the WCC’s high standards.


Tre Trofi grew up in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado just outside of Nederland. Growing up in the mountains gave him a profound love for the outdoors. Today he spends his free time backcountry skiing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and playing ice hockey. After beginning school at the University of Rhode Island, Tre will be graduating next winter with degrees in Wildlife and Conservation Biology and Public Policy from Colorado State University. After graduating he plans to pursue a career working for state and federal institutions to protect public lands and eventually dive into politics.

2018 VTC Crew Leaders



Justin Wolf was born and raised in Worland, Wyoming. He graduated high school in 2009, and then did an additional year of high school as a foreign exchange student in Ecuador. While Justin is not a veteran with our armed forces, he has served as a wildland firefighter for eight fire seasons working with Veterans during that time, and sometimes attending school in the offseason. He decided to join WCC because he was looking for something similar to wildland firefighting, but with less hazards and a bit more free time. Justin is currently attending the University of Wyoming, in pursuit of a teaching degree.


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