Crew 1- Buffalo BLM- Fencing 

Sponsored by: Devon Energy 

This crew spent there last hitch doing various work for the Buffalo BLM field office. The work included removing 2 miles of old fencing that was initially for tree rehabilitation, they repaired some buck-n-rail fence, removed fallen trees from Poison Creek trail, repaired a barbed wire fence that separates some private land from BLM land, and finally, removed some old barb wire fence from Moiseur Gulch Rec. area.

For the crews education day they had the opportunity to tour a drilling and rig site with Devon Energy outside of Wright, WY.

On the crews day off they explored Sheridan, went up to Twin Lakes in the Big Horns where they hung out and fished!

All said and done:

– 2 miles old sheep fence removed

– .5 miles of buck-n-rail fence repaired

– 3 miles of barb wire fence removed

Crew 2- Casper Rotary Club- Trails 

Sponsored by: Casper Rotary Club 

This crew was hard at work for their last hitch fixing the East side of the Bridal trail at Casper Rotary Park. The work included installing 5 retaining walls, 15 crib steps, 50 rock steps, and 12 french drains.

The crew stayed hard at work to get the project done rather than having an educational component… Thanks Crew 2!

For the crews day off they explored Casper, visiting the Historic Trails Museum, and hitting the showers at the YMCA!

All said and done:

– 5 retaining walls built/maintained

– 15 crib steps installed

– 50 rock steps implemented

– 12 french drains built


Crew 3- Medicine Lodge State Historic Site- Invasive Species Removal 

Sponsored by: Wyoming State Parks 

Crew 3 spent their last hitch removing clematis vines from the cottonwood and chokecherry’s throughout Medicine Lodge State Historic Site. They disposed of roughly 50 dump truck loads of the vine saving over 200 trees. The vines work their way up the trees and wrap around it cutting off the trees water supply, eventually killing it.

For the crews educational portion they learned about the geology of the Medicine Lodge rock formations and learned of the ancient people who use to inhabit medicine lodge through their petroglyphs and pictographs.

On the crews day off they explored Yellowstone where they saw Old Faithful, Biscuit Basin, and Mystic Falls!

All said and done:

– Preserved 200+ Cottonwood and Chokecherry Tree’s

Crew 4- Bighorn National Forest- Trails 

Sponsored by: USFS

This crew spent their last hitch working on the Edelman trail in the Bighorn National Forest. The work consisted of filling in around puncheons, construction of a new puncheon, cutting new trail, building cairns, and construction of a turnpike with 4 culverts.

For the crews educational component they visited Medicine Wheel Mountain, learning all about its cultural significance. They also had the opportunity to shoot atlatl’s at a nearby camp!

On the crews day off they split into two groups with the part of the crew going to the Nowoodstock music festival in Tensleep and the other part of the crew visited the Washakie Museum in Worland.

All said and done:

– Gravel hauled in 9 miles to fill in puncheons

– 2 Knicks installed

– 1 cairn built

– 60 ft rock wall constructed

– 72 yard rolling grade drain implemented

– 1 mile new trail constructed

Veterans Trail Crew- Hot Springs State Park & Curt Gowdy State Park- Trails 

Sponsored by: Wyoming State Parks 

During the Veterans last hitch they spent 3 days in Hot Springs State Park building 2 rock walls and doing trail maintenance on 3 miles of trail including widening and weed clearing as well as installing 3 trail marker posts. The crew then traveled to Curt Gowdy State Park and performed extensive rock work and erosion repair on Ferguson and Stone Temple Trails. In total 5 rock walls were built including 2 banked turn, 2 alternate routes built on Stone Temple, and a rebuilt landing pad on Stone Temples Cardiac Corner.

For the crews educational component they visited the Hot Springs Suspension Bridge and went to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis to learn about paleontology in Wyoming.

All said and done:

– 4 miles of trail maintained

– 200 feet of new trail constructed

– 3 trail markers installed and 1 cairn

– 4 pieces of geogrid installed

– 7 rock walls built

– 2 banked turns constructed

– 1 rebuilt landing pad

– 5 jumps built


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