Crew 1- Routt National Forest- Trails and Cutting

Sponsored by: United States Forest Service (USFS)

Crew 1 spent a majority of their time clearing trails inside and near Mt. Zirkel Wilderness just Northwest of Walden CO. The work consisted of both chain sawing and crosscutting deadfall near and on the trail, as well as hauling in wood planks for building bog bridges. During their hitch they also completed some campground maintenance at the Big Creek Lake Campground, that work consisted of building picnic tables, clearing and splitting wood, and cleaning up the sites.

For the Crews educational component they talked with the contact about fire ecology and the Forest Service’s role in wildland fire before, during, and after a burn. The crew was also fortunate enough to have continual education throughout their project learning about the rich history of the area and picking up many new techniques to working in wilderness areas.

On the crews day off they traveled to Steamboat Colorado for a stroll through downtown and a meal out.

All said and done:

  • 5 Miles of Trail Cleared and Maintained
  • 417 Trees Cleared from the Trail with Crosscut or Chainsaw
  • 59 Trees Felled
  • 4 Chords of Wood Split for Firewood
  • 12 Picnic Tables Built
  • 92 Boardwalk Planks Set 1 Mile in for Future Bog Bridge

Crew 2- Rawlins Bureau of Land Management (BLM)- Wildlife Friendly Fencing

Sponsored by: Southland Energy

During this crews time in the field they worked to convert fencing to wildlife friendly as well as cut down some old unneeded fence. They started off their time in the field North of Wamsutter WY, where they pulled out 2.5 miles of sheep fence and replaced it with a 3 strand version of wildlife friendly fence. After finishing up that work they moved down to Baggs and Dad WY, where they worked to remove another 1.5 miles of fence only replacing a small section with wildlife friendly and leaving the rest open.

For the crews educational component they toured a number of oil and gas rigs in the Wamsutter area with engineers, legal specialists, and pad designers from Southland Energy. They spent the time talking to and learning from the professionals about the construction and operation of well pads as well as the legal, regulatory, and environmental aspects of the industry.

For the crews day off they traveled to Flaming Gorge to go swimming and explore the area!

All said and done:

  • 3 Miles of Fence Removed
  • 5 Miles of New Wildlife Friendly Fence Constructed

Crew 3- Shoshone National Forest- Trails

Sponsored by: United States Forest Service

Crew 3 spent their time in the field doing trail heavy trail maintenance on the Sheeps Bridge trail in the Shoshone National Forest outside of Lander WY. The work consisted of lots of rock work and reroutes. The crew worked alongside the Forest Service’s Trail crew moving large rocks off the trail and blasting even larger rocks out of the trail. They completed multiple reroutes; built switchbacks; constructed rock walls; and moved lots of dirt from burrow pits with the use of zipline bucket system.

For the crews educational component they learned about the history of the United States Forest Service and the role that they’ve played in conserving Americas Public Lands.

On the crews day off they hiked up to the Popo Agie Falls, went to Lander for a stroll through downtown and spent a relaxing afternoon reading in the Public Library.

All said and done:

  • 400 Feet of New Trail Constructed
  • 5 Miles of Trail Maintained
  • 50 Feet of Rockwall Built
  • 80 Large Rocks Removed from the Trail
  • 370 Buckets of Dirt Moved

Veterans Trail Crew- Glendo State Park- Trails

Sponsored by: Wyoming State Parks

The Veterans Trail Crew spent a majority of its time at Glendo State Park pruning and maintaining existing trails. This consisted of weed eating over 10 miles of trails; reestablishing tread width and backslope; building 7 rock retaining walls; constructing 3 rock ramps; edge armoring 1000 feet of trail; and tread armoring numerous sections of trail.

For the crews educational component they went to the Civilian Conservation Corps museum in Guernsey State Park.

On the crews day off they canoed and swam at Guernsey State Park, before heading into Casper for a meal out.

All said and done:

  • 13 Miles of Trail Maintained
  • 7 Retaining Walls Built
  • 3 Rock Ramps Built
  • 1000 feet of Edge Armoring Implemented
  • 2 Sections of Tread Armor Installed

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